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Mark Barker


Equipment I use: Premier, Sonor & Gretsch drums

Paiste, Zildjian & Sabian cymbals and Behringer microphones


Name: Mark Antony Barker (MAB Drummer)
Date of birth: 13/04/1983   38 – Honestly {;0)
Place of Birth: Farnham in Surrey
Role in the band: Drummer

First musical memories:  
1. As a child.  Singing in front of all the family and friends as a 5 year old. Party pieces included, “Lily the pink” by the scaffold and “Wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong, (complete with mop the brow handkerchief). Both songs were from 1968.
2. Listening to old Country and Western singers on the gramophone with my dear Mum 
3. As a teenager.  My first experience in the recording studio. Matinee music Reading March 1983. (Before I was born even.....LOL ).

Music Heroes:
Drummers: Buddy Rich, Neil Peart, John Bonham, Ian Paice from the left hander’s club

Favourite decade(s) for music:  Hard to split the 60’s and the 70’s
I love all styles of music from Classical to certain Punk rock and most things in between.

Best band memories (so far):
1. Finding out why Rodney was called Dave....hee hee.  Sorry folks it’s a band joke {:o)
2. My first audition, managing to play 19 tracks instead of the 10 originally asked of me.
3. New year’s eve 2021. Playing The Monkees hit “Last train to Clarksville” straight off without any preparation during the sound check at the New Inn, Newport, Shropshire.

Any superstitions?: No not really.  Only thing really is that I like to get to a gig early and get set up and done before the other band members arrive.

On stage drink: Any soft drink or coffee. I am not tea total but I do not drink alcohol before playing any gig.  Having such a poor memory and having quite of lot of songs to remember.  It would simply be asking for trouble. 

Interests outside of music:
• My business that I have been running since 2004.
• Watching sport.  Namely, Boxing, Rugby, Golf (I sometimes play) and American Football (Chelsea Football Club Fan since 1970 when they beat Leeds in a replayed FA Cup final.  But I guess I better keep that quiet.....LOL!)
• Politics and current affairs
• Reading
• Travel


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