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Paul Parker


Name: Paul Parker
Date of birth: 16/07/1971
Role in Band: Vocals/ guitar/banjo/mandolin/ukulele..
Earliest musical memory: listening to the Beatles with my uncle, also miming to killer queen with a tennis racket as a guitar when I was 7.
Musical influences: 2 categories. 1) guitarists: BB King, Lindsay Buckingham, David Gilmour, John Squire, Stuart Adamson, Richard Thompson, Peter Buck, Pete Townsend, The Edge, Ry Cooder, Tommy Emmanuel, Nels Cline, Robert Cray, Steve Ray Vaughan. 2) 
Jeff Tweedy(Wilco), Bruce Springsteen, REM, The Beatles, Big Country, Gary Louis, Bob Dylan, Lynyrnd Skynynrd, Counting Crows, Grateful Dead, Paul Simon, The Cure, The Blues Brothers, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Energy Orchard, The Doors, Credence Clearwater Revival, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash......Plus many more….

Favourite decade for Music:  Every single one! Maybe 60’s for starting it all properly and the 90’s for developing grunge Brit pop alt country and improving heavy rock beyond 80’s hair metal!

Best musical/band memories: Seeing The Cure live for the first time at Glastonbury. Singing with Adelle the first time she harmonised with me.

Watching Bruce Springsteen with the E Street Band in 1998 with Danny Frederici & Clarence Clemons.

On stage drink: Water, lime and soda, red wine, bourbon. Guinness. (Not all at the same time).

Interests outside of Music: Comedy recycling and cooking food that’s edible!

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